Human (Metatype)

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BP Cost: 0 BP
1 / 6 (9) 1 / 6 (9) 1 / 6 (9) 1 / 6 (9) 1 / 6 (9) 1 / 6 (9) 1 / 6 (9) 1 / 6 (9) 2 / 7 (10)


Humans are typically undistracted by social interference or the uniqueness of physical maturity associated with other metatypes. At character creation, a human chooses one active skill to start at rating 1 instead of rating 0. This does not modify the chosen skill’s normal maximum rating and this change applies before investing any BP in that skill.

Appearance and Behavior

The “standard” metatype, unaffected by UGE or goblinization, the human sub-specie lacks any advantages or disadvantages common to all individuals of the metatype. Humans typically range from 1.5 to 2.3 meters in height and from 50 to 160 kilograms in mass. As the root of the metatypes, humans are considered the standard for all the human sub-species.
     As the basic metatype, humans are also the metatype by which others are compared in terms of behavior. Note that behavior for all metatypes are as varied, unique, and complex as any other, though some metatypes may trend to certain behavioral patterns.


Humans are easily the most common of the five metatypes; at least on a global scale. Some regions, such as Tir Tairngire, have different population demographics due to intentional segregation. San Francisco has a higher density of alternate metatypes, but it follows suit with much the rest of the world, where humans are the majority. Because of this majority, humans are considered either the most accessible or the most oppressive depending on whom you ask.
     As the most numerous, humans are common to every level of society—rich, poor, popular, fringe, corporate, anarchist. Perceptions usually consist of racial preference for humans, that humans are more lucky, or that other metatypes are shut out of opportunities that humans reserve for themselves. The only claim that can be substantiated is that humans are most common simply because of statistical probability. This isn’t to say racism doesn’t exist—only that racism isn’t the only (or most significant) reason for human involvement in so many aspects of society. Regardless, there are no inherent stigmas or stereotypes aimed at humans lest you go looking for someone with a personal grudge. Humans are quite simply the social norm and are often forced to overachieve to gain any noteworthy acknowledgement for their accomplishments; they othrewise don’t stand out against the unique characteristics of such a diverse society.

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Human (Metatype)

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