Health and Healing

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Your health measures your mind and body’s limit for taking damage before you pass out or die. You have two health tracks—Light and Critical—which have a limited number of boxes each. When you take damage, you cross off a number of empty boxes on the corresponding health track equal to the damage taken. Taking damage in excess of either health track can mean passing out from pain or dying.

Health Track Number of Boxes Description
Light Health 8 + 1/2 Body + 1/2 Willpower (round up) Tracks superficial damage that can interfere with concentration,
mobility, or reduce strength, but that isn’t fatal.
Critical Health 8 + 1/2 Body (round up) Tracks debilitating damage that can destroy organs, cause
permanent damage, or kill.

Wound Modifiers

Damage takes a toll on your mind and body, inhibiting your mobility, ability to concentrate, and motor functions. Every 3 points of damage you take in a health track imposes a cumulative -1 dice penalty to every test you roll unless explicitly stated otherwise. You apply the higher wound modifier from your two health tracks; you do not add damage from both tracks together to determine this penalty.

Health Track Overflow

Taking damage in excess of your health track means you have suffered injuries beyond your tolerance for damage. When you fill a health track with boxes, any additional damage to that track is called overflow. Both tracks have an overflow buffer equal to your Body rating.
     Light Overflow: When you take Light overflow damage, you become Downed. (You may attempt a Discipline test to remain conscious but Disabled.) This status lasts until you no longer have Light overflow damage. If your Light overflow buffer is filled, Light damage in excess of your buffer is treated as Critical damage instead.
     Critical Overflow: If you have any Critical overflow damage, you immediately start Dying. If you take any Critical damage in excess of your Critical overflow buffer, you immediately die.

Dying and Death

When you take any Critical overflow damage, you start Dying and must roll auto-stabilize tests. This condition lasts until you Stabilize, have all Critical overflow damage healed, or die.
     If you take more Critical overflow damage than your buffer, you die immediately. Your astral aura fades away, your body becomes an inanimate object, and you permanently lose consciousness. There is no return from death in the world of Shadowrun

Auto-Stabilize Test

While Dying, you must roll an auto-stabilize test at the start of your first turn every round, which has a dice pool of Body + Willpower + Essence. The threshold for this test equals your total Critical overflow damage. If successful and you didn’t glitch, you become Stabilized. If the test fails, you take 1 Critical fatigue damage.


There are several items, spells, and skills that can restore your health so long as you are not Dying. You can also heal naturally with rest. Rest is time devoted to very minimal activity. Light travel is generally acceptable, but resting means no strenuous activity. A full rest is resting for 8 consecutive hours with minimal interruption.

Assisted Healing

Medical attention, drugs, bandages, magic, and other effects can restore your health. However, your body can only handle so much intensive care. At some point, it just can’t absorb more drugs or mend wounds any faster.

  • Track Assisted Healing: You must count the number of times, or instances, that you benefit from assisted healing. At the end of a full rest, reset this count to 0.
  • Treatment Resistance Test: After an attempt to heal you, but before counting it as an instance, roll Body + Essence, ignoring wound modifiers. The threshold equals the number of assisted healing instances since your last full rest.
  • Success: The assisted healing functions normally and you increment your current instance count by 1.
  • Failure: The assisted healing has no effect. Any resources used are still consumed, but you don’t increment your assisted healing instance count.
  • Glitches: There are no consequences for glitching this test.

Natural Healing

Without medical attention, you are able to restore your health. Light and Critical damage heal at different rates, but they do heal simultaneously (you do not need to wait for one to heal before the other can). When restoring health boxes, overflow damage is always removed first.
     Automatic Healing: Regardless of your activities, as long as you are alive, you always heal 1 Light damage every hour.
     Healing Light Damage: If you rest for 1 hour, you may roll either a Body + Essence or Willpower + Essence test, ignoring wound modifiers. Each hit scored removes one point of Light damage.
     Healing Critical Damage: Critical damage can only be healed through extensive resting. If you take a full rest, you can make a Body + Essence test. This test is not subject to wound modifiers. Each hit removes 1 point of Critical damage.
     Not an Assisted Instance: Natural healing is not assisted and never requires a roll to take effect, nor does it count as an instance of assisted healing. Treatment during rest to improve your natural healing dice pool does require a roll for any bonus dice it grants and does count toward your instances, but the effects of your natural healing dice pool are never at risk of failing.

Healing Glitches

Most glitches indicate a wound opening up again or some mild infection. Typically, a glitch doubles the amount of resting time needed for a test; you still heal, it just takes longer. A critical glitch is more severe. When healing Light damage, a critical glitch can cause a serious infection or result in a complication leading to permanent pain, excessive scarring, or some other deformity. Critical glitches when healing Critical damage can result in bones failing to reset properly, hemorrhaging, organ failure, or limb loss. The nature of your injuries may dictate the effects of a critical glitch, but a common result is taking Critical fatigue damage equal to your wound modifier.

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Health and Healing

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