Dwarf (Metatype)

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BP Cost: 30 BP
1 / 6 (9) 3 / 8 (12) 1 / 5 (7) 2 / 7 (10) 1 / 6 (9) 1 / 6 (9) 2 / 7 (10) 2 / 7 (10) 1 / 6 (9)
+2 -1 +1 +1 +1


Dwarves are the most resilient sub-specie of human. You gain a +2 dice bonus to any Body test rolled to prevent the effects of or reduce damage from toxins, disease, falling, acid, cold, electricity, or fire. This only applies to reactive checks, not to actions you take of your own volition.

Thermographic Vision

In addition to a human’s normal range of vision, you can also see into the infrared spectrum and are able to see heat signatures. This allows you to perceive your surroundings based on differences in temperature. You take no penalties from darkness alone, but fog, smoke, and virtually any solid object (regardless of its opacity) can obstruct your thermographic vision. Thermographic vision does not allow you to discern color or texture in the absence of light. You may be able to precisely locate objects and creatures, but you may still have trouble distinguishing the properties of those objects or who those people are.

Appearance and Behavior

Dwarves are much shorter than the other metatypes, usually ranging from 1 to 1.4 meters in height. Their proportions make them stocky, having a wider head and torso and shorter limbs. The lifespan of dwarves appears to be extended compared to humans. Based on aging patterns since the awakening, it seems dwarves can live up to 80% longer than their human counterpart given consistent health standards. Additionally, dwaves are able to perceive infrared light, essentially being able to see heat signatures. This has reinforced popular myth that they prefer to live underground; a stereotype dwarves often deny, but rarely disprove.
     Dwarves are also notably tougher and more enduring than other metatypes. Bolstered immune systems and adaptability to environments have been scientifically proven superior to all other humans save trolls, making dwarves highly desirable with occupations located in unconventional environments or that are physically and mentally taxing. Popular theory also suggests a mental influence as many dwarves seem more persistent toward task completion and reliably extended labor—traits commonly mistaken for stubborness. Behavioral trends also suggest more passive behavior in dwarves, though not for a lack of passion. Most dwarves simply don’t confront problems head-on in most cases and often try to resolve conflicts or overcome challenges using methods of least resistance.

Dwarven Population

In 2107 San Francisco, dwarves make up around 8% of the population. This statistic confounds many when considering the extended lifespan, increased resistance to health afflictions, and the time dwarves have been around. There are essentially two reasons why dwarves have not overtaken the majority of society’s population. Firstly, dwarven birthrates are the lowest of the metatypes. While the pregnancy term to bear children is no different, most dwarven women experience complications during childbirth due to the restricted size and shape of the pelvis (especially when the child isn’t a dwarf). Dwarven population is further mitigated by an unconventional gender ratio of nearly 4 males to every dwarven female. By comparison, all other metatypes range from 1.5 to 3 females to every male.

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Dwarf (Metatype)

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