Willpower (Attribute)

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BP Cost XP Cost
Raise 1 rating 10 5 × New Rating
Raise 1 rating to maximum 25 5 × New Rating

Willpower (WIL) is a mental attribtue measuring your mental fortitude and determination. As a passive attribute, Willpower is typically only required in reaction to the effects you are subjected to. For mental strength, reference Logic.

Using Willpower

Only two skills are tied to Willpower, and these skills have very little to do with each other. This attribute does contribute to health and resistance, however.

Astral Combat

To engage in Astral Combat, you need to utilize Willpower since this form of combat is more a battle of endurance and attrition than sheer force of personality.


Most important, you use Willpower with the Discipline skill, which is used to maintain composure and morale and resist temptation.


Your Light health track adds half your Willpower rating (round up) to its total. You can also use Willpower to heal Light damage.


Your Willpower rating adds to the dice pool of many resistance tests to reduce damage or end status and effects. See also:

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Willpower (Attribute)

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