Strength (Attribute)

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BP Cost XP Cost
Raise 1 rating 10 5 × New Rating
Raise 1 rating to maximum 25 5 × New Rating

Strength (STR) is a physical attribute measuring your raw, physical power. Any action based more on the output of your muscles, favoring brute force over finesse, uses Strength. This attribute is not necessarily a representation of your toughness, which is determined more by your Body attribute.

Using Strength

Strength is an active skill, though most of the actions that use it are very similar. There isn’t a great deal of depth to brute force.


The Climbing and Swimming skills are both tied to Strength. Additionally, you use Strength when jumping and running to determine distance. You also use Strength to determine the maximum distance you can throw something with brute force.

Carry and Lift Capacity

The amount you can carry before encumbrance restricts your actions is based on your Strength rating. Strength also directly determines how much you can lift in hand. Continuously using heavy items (such as weapons) is strenuous activity that can cause fatigue. However, items with weight equal to your Strength rating or less never cause this.


Strength is most useful with melee combat since almost all melee weapons have a DV based on your Strength rating. Bludgers, Heavy Blades, and Machine Guns all use Strength for their weapon tests, meaning that Strength improves accuracy with these weapons more than finesse.

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Strength (Attribute)

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