Removed Skills

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Skill Name Notes
Aeronautics Mechanic Assimilated into the Combustion Engines and Framework skills.
Arcana This skill has been assimilated by different active skills; notably the Assensing, Enchanting, Ritual Spellcasting and Spellcasting skills. Arcana was more or less a knowledge skill, and knowledge is now a function of all active skills. Thus, this skill became obsolete. There is now a skill group called Arcana.
Artisan This skill was simply too vague and covered too many functions. It has been turned into the Art skill group, divided among the skills in that group.
Automotive Mechanic Assimilated into the Combustion Engines, Electric Motors, and Framework skills.
Computer Poorly defined, this skill can be replaced by all skills already in the Electronics skill group.
Contortion This skill proved ultimately unnecessary and has been completely assimilated into Gymnastics.
Cybertechnology This skill has been assimilated into Prosthetics. Alternatively, Robotics may be used as a substitute regarding cyberware.
Data Search Because a shadowrunner wouldn’t know how to use Google unless they paid active skill XP prices. This was a useless skill, but it is nevertheless entirely assimilated into the Digital Data skill.
Demolitions This skill is entirely assimilated into the Chemistry skill.
Disguise The functions of this skill were grossly limited and vague. It amounted to a craft skill with limited application. The Fashion skill is now used in place of disguise, though Armorer, Chemistry, or Prosthetics may be used as a suitable replacement depending on how the disguise is being constructed. Acting in character would be a component of Deception.
Diving This skill has been entirely assimilated into the Swimming skill. Specializations have been consolidated, though.
Flamers With the expansion of chemical-based weapons, Flamers has been assimilated completely into Chem Guns.
Forgery Now a function of the appropriate active skill, though the tied attribute to skills may change to Agility, Intuition, or Logic based on the type of forgery being made.
Industrial Mechanic Assimilated into all skills in the Machinery skill group.
Instruction This will just be a function of whatever skill you are teaching, except that the tied attribute will always be Intuition.
Nautical Mechanic Assimilated into the Combustion Engines, Electric Motors, and Framework skills.
Negotiation This shouldn’t be a skill—it should be acted out and performed by the characters through social active skill tests and possibly knowledge skill tests.
Parachuting This was just simply a useless skill. Maneuvering while airborn can be a function of Gymnastics, while determining when or how to pull the rip cord can be Discipline, Insight, Perception, or a simple Logic test.
Parry This was a desperate attempt to have another defensive skill. It proved worthless compared to what Dodge became. Parry has returned to being a function of weapons skills.
Running The more I thought about this skill, the less I could justify it as one. There isn’t really any ‘skill’ to left foot forward, then right foot forward. I couldn’t think of any specializations other than sprinting and long distance; having at least 3 specializations per skill is a big prerequisite for me. So now, running is just a movement action.

Knowledge Skills

The standard conventions for knowledge skills have been completely removed. Now there is a very limited list of actual knowledge skills since active skills also include knowledge of related topics. Thus, the example knowledge skills provided in the core rulebook are entirely obsolete.

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Removed Skills

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