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A subsidiary of the Avaron crime family in Tir Tairngire, the Nymsilets are a crime family with elven superiority at the core of its beliefs. Based in San Francisco, the Nymsilets are much more strategic in the risks they take, involved in operations both legal and illegal should the risk be in tolerable proportions to the rewards.

Structure and Personnel

A family-based organization, the Nymsilets operate under an informal hierarchy organized solely by the preference of their current leader, the Chief. Directly under the Chief are five lieutenants, who each manage a multitude of operations, personnel, and responsibilities. However, unless warranted, all operations of each lieutenant are kept separate from each other to mitigate risks and prevent ambiguity in the chain of command.
     Chief Alasaer Softwind Nymsilet: Brother to the current Avaron family leader and founder of the Nymsilet crime family, Softwind is one of very few to have gained the trust of the Avaron family. Renowned for his ambition and discipline, Softwind has led a lucrative career as a crime boss. In recent years, many consider him to have been far more passive and lenient. He has also lost some favor with the Avarons for his tolerance of non-elves in his operations.
     Social Director Shuaquashin Coyote Howls Nymsilet: The last lieutenant position created by Chief Softwind but possibly the most important, Coyote Howls is the face of the Nymsilet family. He handles negotiations, social affairs, advertises, and essentially stands in for Softwind when the chief’s presence isn’t required. Other lieutenants call on Coyote Howls more frequently than others when combining efforts is necessary.
     General Vincent Sun Scorpion Redrock: Head of the family’s military might, Vincent oversees all operations involving threat or implementation of force. He also manages the family’s armory.
     Treasurer Telechamok Guiding Stars Nymsilet: Overseer of the family’s finances, holdings, investments, and properties, Guiding Stars has the most convoluted position. Essentially a tie between all members of the family and their illegal operations, he is the most protected and the one afforded with the most freedom to obscure his operations and responsibilities. Guiding Stars very publicly handles the finances associated with management of legal holdings, however, granting him a respectable reputation and a first-hand perspective of problems threatening the Nymsilet financial empire.
     Intelligence Director Elena Whispering Grass Nymsilet: The head of the Nymsilet spy ring, Whispering Grass uncovers anything Chief Softwind needs to know. She manages the family’s discrete contacts network, covertly manipulates other people and organizations, and oversees hacking and magical infiltration operations.
     Legal Advisor Deanna Norman: As the title suggests, Deanna constantly researches and references CalFree and municipal law to prepare for the inevitable arrest of Nymsilet operatives. In addition to clarifying the laws to family members, advising what laws are better bent than broken, Deanna is also a whistleblower against law enforcement overstepping their legal limitations. A member of several lobbyist groups and charities, Deanna also has many powerful political contacts and frequently proposes legislation to help expand the Nymsilet empire.

Avaron Presence

As a subsidiary of the Avaron family, the Nymsilets are still beholden to serve. Quarterly tithings are expected as proof of loyalty and those with the Avaron name are given higher authority than Nymsilets. Despite their trust in Chief Softwind, the Avarons have also seen fit to have their own representatives present to monitor Nymsilet operations and make sure they satisfy Avaron interests. However, over the decades and the declining likelihood of Tir Tairngire occupation of CalFree, this presence has waned to a single liason.
     Liason Ezmail Black Oak Avaron: Brother to the current Avaron leader, Ezmail oversees all operations of the Nymsilets and reports on their performance to Avaron leadership. His position here has become more permanent as, with each passing year, fewer and fewer Avarons wish to sojourn to San Francsisco for these duties. Many consider his job here a kind of forced retirement and guarantee that he will never inherit power in the main family.

Core Operations

The Nymsilets take on their own operations, usually when they have a direct, vested interest in a prospect. The vast majority of personnel associated with these core operations are immediate family members. Some are extremely close, personal friends, and have bypassed blood relation as a prerequisite. The core operations of the crime family are by far the most lucrative, risky, and often most illegal. In other words, these operations require the most trust. As such, outsiders may spend their whole lifetimes and never enter this realm of the family.

Segregated Cells

Most endeavors the Nymsilets pursue are subdivided as much as possible into independently-functioning cells. The lieutenants oversee managers and field agents who supervise these operations to ensure effectiveness and loyalty. In many cases, the personnel hired to work these operations are entitled to most of the reward for their labors; an incentive not to betray the family. Multiply this by as many operations that can be simultaneously run and the Nymsilets need only be concerned with protecting their investments from competitors or law enforcement.
     These cells otherwise manage themselves, allowing the Nymsilets to get away with profits that have virtually no overhead. The multitude of industries the Nymsilets are tied to also means a discount on most expenses compared to standard market rates. When trouble does arise, however, the Nymsilets are quick to respond with an abundance of force to discourage further threats.


The Nymsilet’s primary source of revenue comes from a combination of real estate and protection rackets. They also impose a ‘sales tax’ on commercial enterprises within their territory, but are careful enough not to target direct dealings with megacorps. By focusing on retailers and local organizations, they maintain the advantage of power.
     The Nymsilets also perform a variety of services in trade, including mercenary work. These operations are rarely as lucrative, but it generates enough revenue to sustain the family’s bottom line by keeping personnel busy while making money. Additionally, this kind of work tends to strengthen the family’s connections to both legitimate and underworld contacts and offers unique opportunities in the form of favors.
     The Nymsilets also have a number of legal operations; most of which are used to launder money. The most well known of these operations is the Riot night club. Some of these legal enterprises do generate their own cashflow, but with overhead of utilities, employees, and taxes, they aren’t favored by the Nymsilets.

Notable Locations

  • Central Waterfront Depot: The Nymsilets control a rented warehouse and shipping yard on the central waterfront of the San Francisco Bay. Small in comparison to the vast majority of other waterfront facilities, it suits the needs of the family business when needing passage or shipment by sea.
  • Maritime Pueblo: A standard tourist trap basement bar located in the heart of the Financial District. The bar and its neighboring facilities are indirectly owned by the Nymsilets, allowing the bar to be a hidden entrance to Nymsilet facilities that are otherwise inaccessible (casually called the office by most family members). Most of the Nymsilet empire is managed from this location.
  • Old Pacific G&E: Where the Maritime Pueblo houses the brains of the Nymsilet outfit, the Old Pacific Gas and Electric building houses its muscle. The Old Pacific G&E is an obsolete utilities facility acquired by the Nymsilets during the brief occupation of San Francisco by Tir Tairngire. After reconstruction and retrofitting the facility, it has turned into a veritable fortress and houses many of the Nymsilets’ most illicit assets—guns, ammo, vehicles, and tech. Located in the center of the Mission District, the Old Pacific is well removed from the heart of the city and the territory of competing underworld organizations.
  • Riot Night Club: Officially zoned as a ceremony hall, the Riot night club is one of the Nymsilets’ most lucrative money laundering operations. Located in the Belden Place district, it lies between residential neighborhoods and the Financial District, catching customers coming and going into to the heart of the city. It also lies between the territories of several underground organizations, making it a critical launch and rendezvous point for Nymsilet operatives.
  • Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus: One of the few churches to survive the quakes of ’51, ’61, ’63, ’69, and the reconstruction plans following each one, the Shrine of Saint Jude Thaddeus is the preferred church of Chief Softwind—and is therefore the preferred church for the entire Nymsilet family. Located in the Lower Pacific Heights district, it lies equidistant between virtually every Nymsilet home and business property, though a bit of a drive to get there. It does lie remarkably close to WASP Syndicate territory, but it is recognized by both sides as neutral territory for religious sanctity.
  • Silversky Heights: An upper class condominium complex in the prestigious Sea Cliff district. Owned exclusively by the Nymsilets, few full-time residents live here. The building serves more of a hotel for guests of honor, such as the Avarons, important persons connected to the Nymsilets, or as a safe house for upper-level employees.
  • Terra Sidhe Burrows: A condominium complex owned exclusively by the Nymsilets. Used primarily to house middle- to low-level employees. It is located in the Nob Hill district to the northeast. Though surrounded by slums, the Nymsilets take great care to maintain the facility itself and keep the poor element of the neighborhood out.


Click here for a comprehensive list of groups and organizations in this campaign. Those not listed in the following sections effectively have a neutral relationship with the Nymsilet family. Note that neutrality does not mean a neutral opinion; only that there is no active efforts in support of or opposition to Nymsilet operations. Rest assured, there are plenty of neutral entities that loathe the Nymsilets.

Allies and Partners

  • Avaron Family [Partner]:
  • Motor Gangers [Partner]:
  • One World Charities [Partner]:
  • Treol Poyovitch, Evo Corporation [Ally]:
  • Tir Tairngire [Partner]:

Enemies and Competitors

  • Aztecs [Enemy]:
  • Snpweh Family [Enemy]:
  • Steelmasons Workers Union [Competitor]:
  • Triad [Competitor]:
  • WASP Syndicate [Competitor]:


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Nymsilets (Faction)

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