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Core Rules
Actions Combat Miscellaneous
Action Tables Area Effects Character Creation
Called Shots Attacking Objects Crafting
Combat Actions Attacks and Damage Dice Tests
Movement Actions Cover Handedness
Suppressive Fire Gun Modes Health and Healing
Initiative Improvised Tools
Parrying Unintended Targets
Special Damage XP
Human Dwarf Elf Ork Troll
Physical Mental Special
Agility (AGI) Charisma (CHA) Edge (EDG)
Body (BOD) Intuition (INT) Essence (ESS)
Reaction (REA) Logic (LOG) Magic (MAG)
Strength (STR) Willpower (WIL) Resonance (RES)
Skill Rules Skill Groups
Active Skills Knowledge Skills Language Skills

If required, skills removed from the standard rules are listed here. This page explains how these skills have been integrated into other functions of the rules and how to handle their absence when RAW rules reference them.


Equipment acquisition will depend on credit payment and availability. Learn more about currency here.

Weapons Artifacts Apparel Gear
Melee Weapons Enchantments Armor Devices
Ranged Weapons Foci Clothing Shields
Ammunition Formulae Packs Software
Dynamos Survival Wear Tools
Mod Ammo Armor Modifications
Demolitions Implants Consumables Services
Grenades Bioware Chemicals Health Care
Rockets Cyberware Drugs Personnel
Food Shelter
Astral Plane
Auras Spells Spirits

This section covers technological machines born of, governed by, or connected to the Matrix.

Drones Sprites Vehicles

The factions listed here are the ones most relevant to your characters. The complex culture of the Shadowrun universe means that any given scenario likely affects hundreds if not thousands of factions. View the list of factions for more comprehensive listings of corporations and groups (that your character could know of) in San Francisco. The factions listed here are simply the ones your character should be familiar with.

Notable Corporations
Corporate Court The Catholic Church (AA Megacorp) Brannigan’s (B Corporation)
Ares (AAA Megacorp) DocWagon (AA Megacorp) CalFree Online (A Corporation)
Evo Corporation (AAA Megacorp) The Islamic Church (AA Megacorp) Gaeatronics (A Corporation)
Horizon (AAA Megacorp) Lone Star (AA Megacorp) Pathfinder (A Corporation)
MCT (AAA Megacorp) Pacific Prosperity Group (AA Megacorp) PolNet (A Corporation)
Wuxing (AAA Megacorp) Riot (B Corporation)
Stuffer Shack (A Corporation)
Local Power Centers Criminal Organizations
CalFree Aztecs (Mafia)
San Francisco Motor Gangers (Gang)
The Nymsilet Family (Mafia)
Foreign Nations Scalpers (Gang)
Aztlan The Snpweh Family (Mafia)
JIS The Triad (Mafia)
PCC Tuskuhz (Gang)
Tir Tairngire WASP Syndicate (Mafia)
The Nymsilet Family
Nymsilet Family Leaders
Alasaer Softwind (Chief)
Ezmail Avaron (Liason)
Shuaquashin Coyote Howls (Face)
Vincent Sun Scorpion (General)
Telechamok ‘Mike’ Guiding Stars (Finance)
Elena Whispering Grass (Intelligence)
Deanna Norman (Legal Advisor)
San Francisco, 2107

View the Setting Timeline for an abridged history of CalFree and relevant regions.

The Modern Corporation
Government Today

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