Logic (Attribute)

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BP Cost XP Cost
Raise 1 rating 10 5 × New Rating
Raise 1 rating to maximum 25 5 × New Rating

Logic (LOG) is a mental attribute measuring your practical knowledge, ability to solve problems, and the accuracy of your memory. Logic is an active attribute which is tied to many technical skills, particularly those where applied knowledge of sciences and information are most relevant to success. Though Logic represents mental strength, mental fortitude and determination are better represented by Willpower.

Using Logic

Logic is most often utilized for technical active skills.

Computers and Hacking

Virtually anything involving the use of computers, their tools, or influencing computer processes are based on Logic.


The vast majority of crafting skills are tied to Logic. These skills create the tools and items you use on your missions. These skills also encompass repairs to such equipment.

Health Care

While First Aid is tied to Intuition, Logic is used for Medicine and Prosthetics which cover extended health care. These skills are also used to create the drugs and devices that heal or reconstitute health.

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Logic (Attribute)

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