Intuition (Attribute)

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BP Cost XP Cost
Raise 1 rating 10 5 × New Rating
Raise 1 rating to maximum 25 5 × New Rating

Intuition (INT) is a mental attribute measuring your mental alertness. It tends to be a more passive attribute, being used to determine if you perceive, understand, or comprehend something. While it can be used to pierce the wiles of others, it does not translate to social prowess (the domain of Charisma).

Using Intuition

Though a passive attribute, Intuition is very skill-intensive. The skills tied to this attribute are often a means of measuring your character’s ability to accurately understand their surroundings.


Some weapons require reading the battlefield to be useful. Artillery, Flamers, Missiles, and Siege Weapons each utilize forms of combat that need calculation, understanding of distance, and the ability to limit the weapon properly for each application.


If you need to track or follow someone or something, Intuition is essential. Shadowing allows you to follow or observe a subject discretely, while Tracking is used to locate a subject using physical clues and leads. Navigation is also Intuition-based, which can aid the other skills.


Your full Intuition rating is added to your initiative test dice pool when determining turn order for round-based challenges.


Language tests are rare, typically only required when you converse with someone that has a drastically different rating in the same language skill. However, when this difference in familiarity with a language presents a barrier, language skills rely on Intuition to interpret and clarify speech.

Senses and Hunches

Your ability to actually understand what’s around you is based on Intuition. Perception reflects your ability not just to sense elements of your environment, but to interpret your senses accurately. Insight represents your understanding of human behavior, body language, and personalities to discern truth and altruism from lies and deceit. Insight is also used for basic “gut instinct”.

Technical Skills

Art-related technical skills are tied to Intuition, relying on the balance of rigid principles of art and what feels right in terms of conveying emotion or ideas.

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Intuition (Attribute)

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