Experience Points

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GM Note: This page is still incomplete since it is dependent on more of the house rules being completed.

Experience Points (XP) are the currency by which you purchase improvements for your character. Every session your character survives will grant them a minimum amount of XP. Points can also be awarded for good role-play, accomplishing special objectives which you may or may not be informed of, and for concluding missions (whether successful or not).
     XP can be spent on just about any aspect of your character, though some things are harder to buy than others. Furthermore, you must present some justification in-game for why your character obtains a chosen advancement. If you do have a legitimate reason for advancing a rating or purchasing something for your character, the effects of these purchases are instantaneous. Otherwise, you must wait for downtime between missions to advance your character. It is assumed that during downtime, your character is able to pursue whatever justification is necessary for their advancement.

Tracking XP

When you build your character, you use BP. Your character effectively begins play with 0 XP. When you gain XP, keep track of your total XP gained since you began playing your character and how much of that total you have spent on advancement. Both values may be needed during gameplay due to some elements of play that require XP expenditures.

Purchase XP Cost
Raise Attribute 1 rating 5 × New Rating
Raise Essence 0.1 rating 5 × Current Rating
Raise Active Skill 1 rating 2 × New Rating
Raise Active Skill Group 1 rating 5 × New Rating
Raise Knowledge Skill 1 rating New Rating
Raise Knowledge Skill Group 1 rating 3 × New Rating
Raise Language Skill 1 rating New Rating
Gain Active Skill Specialization 2
Gain Knowledge Skill Specialization 1
Gain Language Skill Dialect 1
Gain Positive Quality BP Cost × 2
Lose Negative Quality BP Bonus × 2


You can increase attributes using XP up to your natural maximum rating, which is determined by metatype. You can increase any mental attribute, physical attribute, or Edge using this XP formula. If you have either the Magic or Resonance attributes from the appropriate quality, you may also increase it using this default formula. Essence has a similar cost, but is increased by tenths instead of a whole integer.
     Because attributes represent your character’s natural talents and inherent characteristics, justification to improve their ratings must involve the testing or exercising the attribute in multiple ways. No specific exercise alone is enough to justify improving an attribute.


Active skills progress differently from knowledge or language skills. This applies similarly to skill groups of each type. Remember that while you are limited to 1 specialization per skill, you are allowed 1 dialect per rating in a language skill.
     Advancing a skill or skill group requires repetition, practice, experimentation, and the pursuit of refinement of the specific activities represented by that skill or group. Instruction from a more knowledgeable character may also permit advancement during a mission, even though instruction is reserved for downtime by default.


You may acquire or remove qualities during play, but this is possibly the hardest feature of your character to change. Unlike other features of your character, you cannot automatically gain or lose qualities during downtime; they must be acquired as a direct result of your character’s actions, the results of tests relevant to the quality, and they must be appropriate changes for your character’s behavior and theme. Ultimately, it is entirely the GM’s discretion to determine the qualifications for changes in qualities. Also note that some qualities can only be acquired during character creation and can never be obtained afterward.

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Experience Points

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