Edge (Attribute)

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BP Cost XP Cost
Raise 1 rating 10 5 × New Rating
Raise 1 rating to maximum 25 5 × New Rating

Edge (EDG) is a special attribute measuring your luck and acts as a mechanism by which you can alter the fate of your actions to be more favorable. Edge is unique in that it gives you a separate pool of points you can spend for a variety of benefits.

Using Edge

Luck Tests

Any test where luck contributes more to success than talent replaces the default attribute for the test with Edge. Suppressive fire and weapon or defense tests opposed by unseen targets are examples.

Spending Edge

You have a pool of Edge points which you may spend for a variety of benefits. Your maximum Edge point pool equals your Edge attribute. Spending Edge does not decrease your attribute—it only reduces your available Edge points.

Recovering Edge

After spending Edge, there are only a few ways to recover it. Edge recovery is instant and can be spent as soon as you recover a point. If you already have your maximum Edge points, the Edge point is lost unless you gift it (see Gifting Edge below).

  1. New Mission: At the beginning of each new story arc, you immediately recover all of your spent Edge points. Choosing to abort a mission to immediately pursue another may deny this benefit. Typically, in-game downtime is necessary after a mission—whether a success or failure—to recover Edge this way.
  2. Start of Game Session: At the start of each game session, you regain 1 Edge point.
  3. Critical Glitch or Critical Success: Accepting the results of critical glitches or scoring critical success on a test that your mission objectives depend on is grounds for recovering an Edge point. Only tests whose consequences directly affect the outcome of your objectives qualify.
  4. Impressive Gameplay: If your actions in game are impressive or overly entertaining, you can be awarded 1 Edge point. You can earn this through consistent role play true to your character, especially when it would be detrimental to your party. Clever or creative decisions or impressive risk-taking can also grant this reward. Although the GM is the final arbiter of whether you gain a point of Edge or not, your fellow players can nominate your role play as deserving Edge recovery. (Note that abusing this process will have undesirable disappointment when the GM stops caring about your opinion of what’s impressive.)

Gifting Edge

If you would recover a point of Edge from a critical glitch, critical success, or impressive gameplay, you may choose to gift that point to another player. You may extend this benefit even if your Edge points are at your maximum limit.
     You can only gift 1 point of Edge to one other PC per recovery. That character recovers 1 point of Edge instead of you as if they earned the Edge.

XP Bonus

Instead of accepting the point of Edge or gifting the earned point of Edge, you may instead choose to add 1 XP to the entire party’s total XP award for the game session. Like gifting, you can only gain XP as an alternative to Edge points recovered via critical glitches, critical successes, or impressive gameplay.

Edge Benefits

You can spend 1 point of Edge for any one of the following benefits. Note that you cannot spend more than 1 point of Edge on any single test.
     Exploding 6s: Some benefits below allow your dice to explode. A die explodes if it lands on a 6, in which you count the hit and roll that die again. Until the die lands on a number other than a 6, the die continues to explode. On each reroll, count any hits scored and add them to your total result.

Add Edge to Dice Pool

You add your full Edge attribute as a dice bonus to your dice pool. This can be done before or after you roll the test. This benefit can be applied to any dice test.
     Before the Roll: If you buy this benefit before you roll the test, all dice in your dice pool explode.
     After the Roll: You roll dice equal to your Edge attribute, adding their hits to your final result, but only these Edge dice explode. Any dice already rolled that landed on a 6 are not rolled again.

Dead Man’s Trigger

You automatically use Dead Man’s Trigger. You cannot use Edge to gain this benefit automatically if you have already attempted the test to use Dead Man’s Trigger.

Extra IP

You immediately gain 2 IP. This also increases your starting IP for a number of rounds equal to your full Edge rating (starting with the round you spent this Edge point). Until the last round of this effect ends, you cannot gain this benefit again.
     The extra starting IP cannot exceed the normal maximum and this does not allow you to spend more IP per character turn than normal.


If a test you need to roll has a non-positive dice pool, you can spend 1 point of Edge to roll a dice pool equal to your full Edge rating. All dice on this test explode.

More Action!

You immediately gain 2 IP that must be used immediately upon spending this point of Edge. You may spend these points out of turn, treating any action you take with these points as an Interrupt, but you can’t combine these points with additional available IP unless it is currently your turn. You cannot gain this benefit more than once per character turn.

Negate Glitch

If you roll a glitch, spending 1 Edge point negates the glitch. A failed test still fails. If you roll a critical glitch, you can spend 2 Edge points to negate the glitch completely or 1 Edge point to turn it into a normal glitch. This benefit ignores the normal limit to 1 Edge point per test.

Reroll Dice

You reroll all dice on a test that did not score a hit. These dice do not explode.

Burning Edge

If you must resort to desperate measures, you may also burn Edge. This functions similarly to spending Edge, except that burning a point of Edge permanently decreases your Edge rating. This doesn’t lower your maximum natural Edge, but you can only increase your Edge rating back to its original value by spending the standard XP cost to increase it.

Automatic Critical Success

If your dice pool equals or exceeds that test’s threshold, burning 1 Edge allows you to treat all dice rolled as a hit and automatically becoming a critical success. This can be done before or after you roll the test.

Hand of God

You can burn 1 Edge to invoke the hand of God. This function allows you to undo a particular result or outcome, often best used to undo the death of yourself or another character. This function essentially allows you to decide what circumstances—no matter how unlikely—allow your desired outcome to occur without requiring any tests to be rolled. You cannot use this function to fundamentally change the nature of the setting, only to reverse or change the outcome of events to a different possible scenario.

Recover All Edge Points

If you absolutely need your Edge points, you can burn Edge to recover your full compliment of Edge points immediately. Naturally, your full compliment is at your new, lower Edge rating.

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Edge (Attribute)

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