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One of the most advantageous tactical benefits you can receive in combat is cover. Whether crouching behind crates, relying on your car’s armor, or keeping other people between you and your attacker, cover makes it harder for enemies to hit you with attacks.

Defense or Resistance

Cover works in one of two ways—it either increases the threshold for an attack or improves the defender’s damage resistance. The attacker always chooses which benefit is granted to the target.

Attacking Around Cover

If you choose to attack around cover, you attempt to hit the target without affecting any obstructions in between.
     Increased Threshold: Your attack suffers an increased threshold of +1 (partial cover) to +4 (nearly total cover).
     GM Note: I want to try implementing a different system of risk when attacking around cover. I also want to emphasize the risk of missing attacks, especially ranged attacks, by addressing that projectiles continue on a path after missing their targets. Please see the Unintended Targets section.

Attacking Through Cover

You can forsake the welfare of obstructions and simply attack through cover.
     Must Succeed Attack: Your attack must hit the target normally. Failing to hit the target still invokes the unintended target rules.
     Cover Resists Damage: The cover being penetrated applies its AV and damage resistance test normally. Any unresisted damage is applied to the obstruction normally.
     New DV to Target: The unresisted damage from the obstruction becomes the new DV that the target must resist.

Determining Cover

If any straight line from any part of your character’s space to any part of the target’s space is interrupted or broken, the target has cover. Cover can be manifested by solid or liquid obstructions or by concealment from poor lighting, smoke, or other sense-blocking spaces. Save for invisible obstructions, your character will always be aware of the extent of a target’s cover (were they to attack around cover). Checks may also be allowed to discern how resistant solid obstructions are to damage.

Total Cover

If you cannot draw any straight, unbroken line from any point in your space to any point in the target’s space, the target has total cover. At this point, the only way to make an attack against the target is to attack through cover or to move around the obstruction. Total cover cannot be granted by moving entities—such as characters—or by obstructions that do not completely fill the space they reside in, but they can still increase a cover threshold increase to +4. (Note that falling Prone may allow a character to gain total cover if behind a suitable obstruction.)
     If a target has total cover due to physical obstructions, they may be denied a defense test against your attacks if they can’t see you. If you cannot see the target, you are treated as Blind against them and may be required to roll Edge tests to succeed an attack against them.

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