Called Shots

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The Called Shot appends a special effect to your standard attack in exchange for a penalty, which reflects the added challenge to the extra benefit. The penalty you take comes in one of two forms: a dice penalty to your attack test or an increased threshold. Since Called Shots are generally opposed tests, the threshold increase simply adds to the opposed test result. It should be noted that Called Shots can also have more dramatic consequences on a glitch or critical glitch.
     With GM permission, you may be able to combine Called Shot effects. Penalties and benefits are cumulative.
     You can also make a Called Shot in conjunction with a Multi-Attack or Multi-Weapon Attack. You choose which attack tests will be subject to the Called Shot. Only those attacks that take the Called Shot penalty can receive its benefit. You may also Take Aim in conjunction with a Called Shot, but you must declare your Called Shot first.

Exploit Opening

Dice Penalty DV Cover
-2 +1 -1
-3 +2 -2
-4 +3 -3
-5 +4 -4

This called shot means ignoring most of your target’s body, focusing on a smaller, exposed region less guarded by armor or cover. This means selecting a smaller target, but diminishing the effectiveness of the target’s defenses. You take a dice penalty to your weapon test to gain a bonus to your attack’s damage and reduce the target’s cover. Note that this reduction of cover only applies to the increased threshold from attacking around cover; there is no benefit when attacking through cover beyond the increase to damage. Cover cannot be reduced below 0.

Preserving Cover

When attacking through cover, you may attempt a called shot to mitigate the damage done to obstructions. You take a dice penalty of your choice to your weapon test and resolve it normally. On a hit, all obstructions you attack through ignore an amount of damage from your attack equal to the dice penalty you took, but this ignored damage is treated as unresisted and still applies to the target of your attack. Obstructions cannot ignore damage that would reduce the modified DV below the weapon’s base DV; they are still required to resist the weapon’s normal DV regardless of the penalty you took to your weapon test.

Sunder Equipment

You can attempt to destroy held, stowed, or worn items. This increases the threshold for the attack based on the size and location of the object. Stowed items may also have cover, such as items contained in a backpack. If your attack hits, you hit the item and deal damage normally for items. See Attacking Objects in the Attacks and Damage section.

Threshold Example Items
+1 Armor, assault rifle, jacket, shield, item stored in easy-reach container
+2 Belt, helmet, vest, baseball bat, heavy pistol, SMG, sword, item stored in pouch
+3 Glasses, gloves, shoes, baton, grenade, knife, light pistol, holdout weapon, item stored in backpack
+4 belt buckle, monocle, strap latch, bullet magazine, syringe

Other Called Shot Functions

The following Called Shots afflict targets with statuses. Remember that the penalties listed apply to your attack test. Called Shots noted as Light Only can only be attempted with attacks that inflict Light damage. All effects of these Called Shots are in addition to the standard effects of your attack unless an effect conflicts, in which case the effect of the Called Shot supercedes the effects of your attack. You can choose multiple Called Shot effects to a single attack, all of which can be declared using a single action (not one action for each). However, you cannot declare the same Called Shot effect more than once per attack. The GM may also disallow certain combinations (such as Blind opponent and Disable limb).

Effect Attack Test Penalty
Blind opponent (Light only). Net hits from your attack do not add to damage. The target becomes Blinded with a potency equal to your net hits. -2 dice
Convert Critical to Light. Your attack inflicts damage to the target’s Light health track instead of Critical. +1 threshold
Convert Light to Critical. Your attack inflicts damage to the target’s Critical health track instead of light. +1 threshold
Disable target (Light only). The targeted body location becomes Disabled with a potency equal to your net hits. -2 to -5 dice (by location)
Disarm held item. The item falls to the ground (or is taken by you if using Unarmed Combat while you have a free hand). If it falls, you choose the target’s space or a space adjacent to the target for the item to land in. For each additional -1 dice penalty you take to your attack test, you can have the item fall an additional space further away. -2 dice (-3 if item held in two hands)
Knock target Prone. Target must roll a Body test or Willpower test with a threshold equal to your dice penalty (you choose). If the test fails, the target also falls Prone in addition to the attack’s other effects. -1 to -4 dice
Stun opponent. Net hits from your attack do not add to damage. The target becomes Stunned with a potency equal to your net hits. -3 dice
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Called Shots

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