Body (Attribute)

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BP Cost XP Cost
Raise 1 rating 10 5 × New Rating
Raise 1 rating to maximum 25 5 × New Rating

Body (BOD) is a physical skill measuring your inherent toughness, overall health, and the ability to resist harm. A more passive attribute, Body isn’t used for actions you choose to take. Rather, you consult Body when something happens to you. For volitional actions based on your physical power, see Strength.

Using Body

As a passive attribute, Body isn’t incorporated in the use of many actions you choose to take. As such, no skill is tied to this attribute.

Carry Capacity

There is a limit to the amount of weight you can carry before it impedes your mobility and actions. The amount you can carry factors in your Body rating.


Some actions inherently exhaust a person. Any activity deemed strenuous that you perform over time will require tests to continue performing the activity to avoid taking fatigue damage.


The amount of damage you can take before passing out or dying increases with an increased Body rating. Both of your health tracks add half your Body rating (round up) to their total. Your full Body rating is also the amount of overflow damage you can take on either health track before suffering the consequences of overflow damage.
     You also use your Body rating to calculate your auto-stabilize test should you take enough Critical damage to start dying. Though it is often better to rely on others to heal you, when first aid isn’t available, a high Body rating will help prevent death.


The most important and often used function of Body is resistance. Whenever you take damage, try to shrug off status ailments, heal wounds and disease, or otherwise resist some induced form of harm, you roll a resistance test. Resistance tests very often add your full Body rating to the dice pool.
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Body (Attribute)

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