Agility (Attribute)

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BP Cost XP Cost
Raise 1 rating 10 5 × New Rating
Raise 1 rating to maximum 25 5 × New Rating

Agility (AGI) is a physical attribute that represents the precision of your coordination and measures your physical finesse. Any activity requiring dexterity over force will likely use your Agility attribute. Note that this applies only to volitional actions, not actions taken in response to stimulus; provoked actions will typically use your Reaction attribute.

Using Agility

Agility is a very skill-oriented attribute, having almost no functions outside of the skills tied to it. However, the skills tied to Agility are often extremely important; notably combat and stealth.


Many weapon skills are tied to Agility. Virtually all ranged weapons and more elegant melee weapons use Agility to determine their accuracy, which bolsters damage when successful.

Contortion and Gymnastics

These skills tend to focus on balance, flexibility, and acrobatics. These skills can also be used to escape bindings, squeeze through constricted spaces, maneuver over or around obstacles, and make yourself the hardest possible target to hit.


Your ability to remain undetected by others, or perform feats of dexterity obfuscating your actions and intentions, are rooted in Agility. Infiltration, scouting, and tactical approaches will rely on these skills and this attribute.

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Agility (Attribute)

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