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  • Human (Metatype)

    |_>{font-size:12px;}. Back to [[Main Page]] / [[Metatypes]] / [[Dwarf (Metatype)|Dwarf]] / [[Elf (Metatype) |Elf]] / [[Ork (Metatype) |Ork]] / [[Troll (Metatype) |Troll]] | |>. [[Character Creation |BP Cost]]: 0 BP | |_\9={font-size:1.5em;}. …

  • Adrian Green

    Adrian was born a human child of a mafia boss in the middle of Tir Tairngire. Before the age of 1 his father sent him in secrecy to SanFran, where Adrian was raised by his uncle's more open-minded friends. At the age of 7, Adrian was thrown into a life …

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