Hedara Noir

The Doctor with a Shotgun


Name: Hedara Noir
Runner Name: Doc Shotgun
Fake SIN: Ivy Black
Metatype: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Mystic Adept: Though not a full Magician, Hedara is proficient with spells, specializing in the healing arts

Erased: Digital records of Hedara seem to get erased after about a day, barring the nice stuff. Must be the gremlins.

Sensei (Influence): While she isn’t great at using her charm to get out of a jam, it’s been set up for her to take lessons that will make the most of her elven charisma. She tends to balk lessons in favor of working on her sword or shooting skills.

Gremlins 2: Perhaps as a balance for her magical nature, technology can and will go very wrong around Hedara, which mean she would much rather say away from tech when possible.

Distinctive Style 2: With a shotgun, and her healing abilities both magical and mundane, its much more obvious where she has been and what she had been involved in.

Signature: Hedara can’t resist the urge to sign her work. This elf will often leave a sign that she’s been around.


Hedara was born to two human metatypes and quickly discarded in a dumpster as far away from their normal life as possible. Fortuitously, this was the beginning of her life with the man she would call her father, rather then the end of it. The man was Deadric Noir, an elf Cleaner for the Nymsilets. He had neither the time nor inclination for children, but he did take the child in, on what he thought would be a temporary basis. It was he that named her Hedara, an it was he who ended up raising her properly. Or however properly you can for a mob family.

Rough upbringing or no, Hedara was taught to put the family first in all things, which in this case left her not particularly interested in anything more then being the best bodyguard she could be.


Hedara Noir

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