Godric MKVII

Dwarf Crafter/Chemist/Heavy Weapons Specialist


Runner Name: Mr. Torgue
354/420 BP used
Attributes 180 BP (Special Attributes 30)

  • AGI – 5
  • Body – 7
  • REA – 1
  • STR – 3
  • CHA – 1
  • INT – 5
  • LOG – 6
  • WIL – 5
  • EDG – 4

Active Skills (144 BP)
Armorer (LOG) – 5
Chemistry (LOG) – 5
Fashion (INT) – 4
Smithing (LOG) – 4

Heavy Weapons
Flamers (INT) – 4
Missiles (INT) – 4

Gymnastics – 4

Navigation – 4
Survival – 4
Perception – 4
Tracking – 4

Investigation (INT) – 4

Knowledge Skills (22/22 Free 0 Spent)

English – 4
Sperethiel – 2

Physics – 4
Biology – 4
Astrogeology – 4

Trade – 4

AA Megacorps – 2
AAA Megacorps – 2

Qualities (0 BP)

  • Positive
    Home Ground(+10BP) – +2 to all active skill tests made within the character’s home turf. Any knowledge skills relevant to the people, places, or things within the area receive a +4 dice pool modifier.
  • Negative
    Addiction, mild- alcohol (-5BP)Experience cravings at least once a week. Suffers a negative 2 dice pool modifier to willpoewr and/or body tests to resist the craving.
    Braggart (-5 BP)- Must succeed in a composure (2) test to back down from a story or a boast.

Gear Not Yet Assigned BP
Chemistry Shop- 5000


The legend of the MKVII’s goes that long ago one of their great ancestor’s was an archer who broke every bow he fired. To overcome this problem, this ancestor sought out to create a new and better bow. Since then the family has had along legacy of being a family of crafters or at least that is how the story goes.

The MKVII’s are a family of crafters. While most of his family are decent and law-abiding. Godric’s cousin Nicoli had been working with the Snpweh family. Nicoli was eventually given an order of firearms and explosives out of his league. Knowing this he went to his cousin Godric for help. Godric being quiet family member didn’t ask many questions and gladly accepted to help his cousin. Noticing that the local criminals had started to carry weapons he helped crafted; Godric decided to start an investigation as to where the arms he was crafting where going to. Upon learning that Nicoli had been somewhat deceptive with him Godric decided to halt his services and then was roughed up the following week. In retaliation Godric agreed to continue producing arms for the family and rigged them to explode. This started a manhunt of Godric, in which Godric had then spent the next two years of his life being hunted down. This experience hardened Godric. Eventually Godric made contact with a dwarf named Donald Macalister who worked for the Nymsilet family and was seeking a man familiar with heavy weapons and could craft. Godric saw this as his chance and decided to take up the offer as this would give him some sort of amount of protection and a way to get back at the Snpweh family.

Godric MKVII

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