Father Zacharias

Catholic priest and anti-mage of the Family


Magician specializing in anti-mage tactics.

Priest Name: Father Zacharias Rasmussen
Real Name: Nilin Avaron

Running Alias: H-Dragon

BP: 420/420

Atributes: 180bp
Special Attributes: 60bp



Light Track: 13
Critical Track: 10

Active Skills: 118bp

Sorcery 4: Astral Combat(Magicians) 4; Spellcasting(Health) 5; Counterspelling(Combat spells) 4
Influence 2: Deception 2; Etiquette 2; Leadership 2; Intimidation 2

Dodge(Ranged Combat) 3
Assensing 3
Medicine(Extended Care) 3
Concealment 3
Knowledge/Language Skills: 0bp

English 4
Sperethiel 2
Japanese 2
Biology 3
Sociology 3
Logistics 2

Gear: 6bp

Form-fitting Body Armor – Full Body:
Ballistic: 6 Impact: 2
Add only half armor value when worn with other armors for the purpose of calculating encumbrance.

Greatcoat Line:
Ballistic: 6 Impact 5
Rating 2 Chemical Protection and Insulation and provide an additional –2 Concealability modifier to items hidden beneath.

AR Gloves
Allows manual interaction with the Matrix. Finger-poke typing on the virtual keyboard would not be unusual.

CommLink Metalink
Response: 1 Signal: 2
Father Zacharias has a tenuous connection to technology at best, and only the most simple technological devices can be utilized effectively.

Rating: 6
One of Father Zacharias’ many distinctive features, this fine monocle is worn with a gold chain.

Fake SIN: Father Zacharias Rasmussen
Rating 4
This fake SIN is integral to Nilin’s deep cover. This identification establishes Father Zacharias as a SINner, and is that identities main form of identification.

Key Lock
Rating 6
The first line of defense in Nilin’s deep cover. Thiskey lock is used to lock Father Zacharias’ personal quarters at the church. He keeps the key on his person at all times, and there is a copy kept with Chief Softwind.

Rating 6 w/ Rating 4 Anti-tamper circuits, Key pad and biometric scanner(retina)
This is the final line of defense for Nilin’s deep cover. This lock protects a small walk in closet. Inside is a bedroll and all of Nilin’s documents, detailing his activies on behalf of the family. These notes are kept in the event that a trajedy should befall him, the family would have accurate notes regarding the magical defenses he employed, and the magical threats he helped eliminate. This also doubles as his sleeping quarters when making excursions into the Astral Plane on behalf of the family. Further, Nilin keeps a record of his Evil Twin, and his activities here, as this is an item of some interest to him. Father Zacharias does not have they key code required to access the biometric scanner. That personality is under the belief that the room holds some personal possessions of a bishop who lived here before him, and generally has no interest in opening the closet.

Counterspelling Focus (Combat spells)
Rating 3 (Bound: 3bp)
Adds rating in dice to any counterspelling attempt, when the spell being countered matches the focus’ type. This focus is in the shape of a bible, and was given to him by his good friend the Arch Bishop when he attained priesthood and was sent to San Francisco.

Healing Fetishe (Health spells)
Gold Cross Necklace
This is one of the few items that Father Zacharias can truly claim to be his own, truly apart from Nilin’s possesions. The fetish works based on belief in the objects power to help, and only works with a particular attuned type of magic. The holder of the fetish must truly believe that it will aid in casting the spell for the fetish to be effective. Mechanically, this grants a +2 dice bonus to resisting drain. This item cannot be used by Nilin, and is only effective in the hands of Father Zacharias.

Forensic Thaumaturgy Kit
+2 Dice to any test made to locate ritual traces and/or sources or rolls made to analyze magical crime scenes.
Father Zacharias and Nilin both use this kit to aid the family. Father Zacharias to help in relieving magical ailments or discover their source, and Nilin to help track down those who would threaten the family with magic.

Magical Lodge
Rating 3
The Shrine of St. Jude has been made into a magical lodge for Father Zacharias, and by extension Nilin. This lodge acts as a magical barrier with a force equal to its rating, and is the only location where either can learn a new spell. Generally, any spells known by one are known by the other, with the exception of combat spells which are not known by Father Zacharias.

Father Zacharias leads a simple life at the church, with few fancy amenities to speak of. Nilin does not resent this, and actually appreciates a simpler life. He and Father Zacharias share a distaste and general ineptitude when it comes to operating technology.

Spells Known: 21bp

A note on spells. For spells that deal damage, there are some things that should be clarified. The base Damage Value and maximum number of hits for any spell is the Force. Force is chosen by the caster at the time of casting, and is up to Magicx2. Choosing a force above your base magic stat causes any drain suffered to be Critical instead of Light. For Direct(not Indirect) spells that deal damage, any net hits scored on the opposed test (Spellcasting+Magic vs Willpower or Body) may be added to the damage. At least one net hit must be scored, or the spell was successfully resisted and has no effect. Any hits that are added to damage are added to the Drain Value after the normal Drain calculation. For area effect spells, the caster rolls once to determine hits, and the targets each roll individually to resist.

Name Manifest Type Damage Type Spell Type Duration Drain Targets
Stunball Mana Light Direct-Combat Instantaneous (F/2)+1 Area
Flamethrower Physical Critical Indirect-Combat Instantaneous (F/2)+3 Single
Mob Mood Mana N/A Mental Manipulation Sustain (F/2)+2 Area
Mana Net Mana N/A Mana Manipulation Sustain (F/2)+2 Area
Astral Armor Mana N/A Mana Manipulation Sustain (F/2)+2 Single
Heal Mana N/A Health Permanent (Amount healed)-2 Single
Increase Reflexes Physical N/A Health Sustain (F/2)+2 Single

Contacts: 8bp

Archbishop Naydese Undynne
Chief Softwind?

Qualities: 0bp
Currently Pending, as there are 35 each positive and negative points

Deep Cover
Mistaken Identity

Evil Twin
Distinctive Style(3)
Computer Illiterate


Nilin Avaron is a fairly complex elf. He grew up in Tir Tairngire, along with his good friend Alasaer Softwind Nymsilet. During adolescence, not long after discovering that he was a magician, he was chosen by the Avaron family for a very specific task. In an ambitious new project, the Avaron’s would use powerful psychological techniques together with advanced technology to create a separate personality within Nilin. This process was ultimately successful, and the new personality emerged as Zacharias Rasmussen, a name Nilin would come to learn almost as his own.

Zacharias was sent to train in the Catholic Church under their magical tradition. The Church’s tradition was decided to be best suited to the purposes, and the cover of a priest would be ideal. Before leaving Nilin was trained in how to evoke his true personality, and learned how to leave the proper cues to trigger the change at regular times during the day. After many long years, training not only as a clergy-man but as a magician, Father Zacharias and Nilin returned to Tir Tairngire and the Avaron family. When he arrived, he learned that his childhood friend Alasaer had risen within the ranks high enough to be running his own operation in the city of San Francisco. As luck would have it, that was precisely where Nilin was needed most. Many magical threats had arisen in the city, and the Nymsilet branch was in need of precisely the assistance he could provide.

Father Zacharias, as he was now known, spoke with his friend Arch Bishop Naydese Undynne about transferring to San Francisco, and he agreed. Knowing that the city was volatile and that the Shrine of St. Jude was in a rough and tumble part of town, Arch Bishop Undynne gave him a parting gift of a counterspelling focus, hand crafted from an ancient bible. One of his prized possessions, it is never beyond arms reach.

Five years later, Nilin has proven his usefulness, and his cover has been well established in the city. Chief Softwind seeks to assign him to an upcoming group of Shadowrunners who will be running some missions of importance to the family, not only to watch over them and ensure the jobs are complete, but also to provide the power of his magical protection.

Nilin is somewhat resigned to his fate, at this point. He is proud to serve his family, and generally enjoys the jobs that he does. However, the lost time as Zacharias does wear on him. A third of his life or more he cannot even remember, since it was lived by his other personality. He has become accustomed to being called Zacharias even more than Nilin, and Chief Softwind has even made the mistake on one occasion. He hopes that by helping these shadowrunners he will be able to have more freedom to act as Nilin, and spend less time as Zacharias. The recent advent of someone very similar to himself in the city performing various evil acts has put some damper on these plans, though, and all but insure that he will be spending just as much time as Zacharias as himself.

Father Zacharias

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