Elegard Llelwis

Bat-swinging Thug


Body 4
Agility 5
Reaction 4
Strength 5
Charisma 2
Intuition 3
Logic 3
Willpower 3

Edge 3
Magic 5 (1/4)
Initiative 7
Essence 6

Bunch of Gear: 11 (11,000 credits)
Club (Rating 2 Focus) 8R
Colt America L36
Clothing (Cheap)
Greatcoat Line
Form-Fitting Body Armor Full-Body Suit
Bike Racing Helmet
Commlink: Renraku Sensei (Rat2, Sig4)
OS: Iris Orb (Fire3, Sys3)
Autopicker (Rating 1) 8R
Wire Clippers
Disposable Syringe (x3)
Medkit (Rating 1)
Fake SIN (Rating 2) 6F
Barbed Wire
Narcoject (Toxin) 8R
Suzuki Mirage (Racing Bike)
Low Quality Lifestyle

Astral Perception (1)
Mystic Armor 2 (1)
Pain Resistance 1 (.5)
Rapid Healing 2 (.5)
Counterstrike 2 (1)

Focus : rating 2

Contact: Cralis Soreth(L3C2)


English 4
Sperethiel 3

Underworld 3
Trade 1
Government Law 2
Biology 3

Assensing 1
Bludgers 3

Hunting Group 1
Infiltration Group 1
Influence Group 1
Athletics Group 2
Elusion Group 3
Comprehension Group 1
Firearms Group 1
Comprehension Group 1
Conjuring Group 1


My character does not have an official name, but his (fake) ID lists him as Elegard Llelwis. He usually goes as “El”. He was found and taken in by a few upper members of the mob when he was six and living on the streets. He cannot remember what his life was like before that, or what his original name was, and he is okay with that. This is not due to convenient laser-guided amnesia, but is simply a case of willful repression. Since he was taken in, he has become obsessed with the idea of being a part of the “family” and has even undergone severe cosmetic surgery to appear more like his new “relatives”. This near-fanatic loyalty has not gone unnoticed, and because of it he has been given more authority and trust then he might have otherwise.

El has adopted to the mafia lifestyle with enthusiasm, and quickly worked his way into a well-respected position as the resident psychopath. His appearance during interrogations tends to help speed the process along, and when it doesn’t, he takes a personal offense, and makes sure that the person being interrogated understands why they should be talking already. He is also considered a valuable asset due to his seemingly limitless capacity for violence of all forms and complete lack of restraint. When other thugs would object to breaking an elderly man’s legs, or beating an attractive young woman senseless, El is always eager at the opportunity to hurt others. While severely disturbed on multiple levels, El is not ignorant. He is well aware of his reputation and actively seeks to maintain it. Not even El is entirely sure how much of his behavior is genuine and how much is an act.

For some time, El has been aware that his speed and strength are simply not naturally possible. He possesses some degree of magic power, but he has focused almost all of it in improving himself physically. However, a little less than a year ago, while chilling his heels underground, he met up with a small blood cult, who taught him a few rituals and techniques. While he remembers very little of what he learned, he does not hesitate to make use of the power he retained, specifically, the technique to summon and bind weak spirits. He remains acquaintances with the leader of the cult, Cralis Soreth, whom he calls on for advice occasionally when dealing with supernatural problems.

When things get hot, El tends to jump into the action head-first, trusting in his supernatural reflexes to carry him through. While he carries a side-arm for practical purposes, he prefers to use his trusty baseball bat as a weapon, both because it makes full use of his combat skills, and for the intimidation factor. When a blood-soaked nut job runs through a rain of bullets, vaults over the enemy’s cover, and smashes a troll’s head in with a bat, most people just surrender.

Elegard Llelwis

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