Donald Macalister

A dwarf who hacks with his mind from his van.


NAME:Donald Macalister
ALIAS: Sean Connery
RUNNER ID: The Emcee
AGE: 64
HEIGHT: 1.2m
WEIGHT: 88.5kg
METATYPE: Dwarf (30BP)

Light Health: 13 Critical Health: 10
Initiative/Passes: 6/1 Matrix Initiative/Passes: 9/3
Essence: 5.9


Technomancer – I can connect to the Matrix with my mind and perfom various Matrix actions naturally.
Erased (2) – Any data connected to me disappears within 24 hours, unless I wish it remain.
Analytical Mind – +2 to Logic tests involving pattern recognition, evidence analysis, clue hunting, or puzzle solving. +2 on all Digital Data and Software tests.
Moderate Addiction (Alcohol) – Without a few drinks daily I begin to suffer withdrawal penalties. -4 penalty to the Discipline + Willpower test to ignore.
Virtual Personality (2) – -2 penalty when conducting Social Skills when not as an Avatar.
Mild Flashbacks – When triggered, test Discipline + Intuition or become unable to act for 1d6 minutes. The trigger is something fairly rare or complex.
Head Safe – I have a datalock filled with someone else’ information. I do not know it exists. Counts as Cyberware with -.1 essence.


Art: Culinary (INT) 1, Graphics (INT) 0, Literature (INT) 0, Music (INT) 0
Comprehension: Discipline (WIL) 2, Insight (INT) 2, Investigation (INT) 2
Cracking: Cybercombat (LOG) 0, Electronic Warfare (LOG) 3, Hacking (LOG) 3
Electronics: Digital Data (LOG) 3, Hardware (LOG) 3, Software (LOG) 3
Elusion: Contortion (AGI) 0, Dodge (REA/INT) 1, Parry (REA) 0
Firearms: Automatics (AGI) 2, Solid Longarms (AGI) 0, Solid Pistols (AGI) 2
Machinery: Combustion Engines (LOG) 1, Electric Motors (LOG) 1, Framework (LOG) 1, Robotics (LOG) 1
Pilot: Aircraft (REA) 0, Anthroform (REA) 2, Groundcraft (REA) 2, Watercraft (REA) 0
Stealth: Concealment (AGI) 1, Ledgermain (AGI) 0, Shadowing (INT) 1
Tasking: Compiling (RES) 1, Decompiling (RES) 1, Registering (RES) 1

A&B Corporations 1 Bureaucracy 1 Physics 2
AA Megacorps 1 Finance 2 Underworld 2
AAA Megacorps 2 Logistics 3
Engligh 4 (Scots) Sperethiel 2 Japanese 2
Russian 2 Chinese 2
Analyze 2 Decrypt 2 Scan 2
Armour 2 Disarm 2 Sniffer 2
Command 4 Encrypt 2 Spoof 4
Corrupt 2 Exploit 3 Stealth 4

Contacts 0BP – This is to be filled out after gear.

The Silence (Watching Spider) – 3C/5L – He is the one that keeps me Erased and occasionally gets me info about the inner going-ons of the family or about my “research”
Leslie Turing – 3C/2L – A scrap and electronics vedor for building/repairing cars and drones.

Sprites 0BP – This is to be filled out after gear.

Type of Sprite – Rating/Tasks Owed

This is the amount of BP I have left. What follows is a list of the kind of gear I would like to obtain.

Sleep Regulator – Only need to sleep for 3 hours, can stay awake for 48 hours. – .15 Essence.
Math SPU – Brain has an internal clock, calculator, etc. +2 mathmatecal abilities and Encrypt and Decrypt. – .15 Essence.
Ruger Super Warhawk – damage 6p, ap – 2, mode SS, RC – , Ammo 6cy, 3R.
Concealable holster – improves concealability by 1.
Internal Smartgun System – +2 ranged attacks (need Smartlink Complex Form before I can gain the bonus) 6R.
70 rounds for the RSW, R4.
1000 rounds for the ak-97’s, R4.
Speed Loader x2 – 1 complex action to fully reload a revolver.
Street Clothes, possibly more for costumes.
Greatcoat Line – Ballistic 6, Impact 5, Rating 2 Chemical protection, improves concealability by 2.
Novatech Airwave w/ Novatech Navi: Response 3, Signal 3, Firewall 3, System 4.
Ebony Certified Credstick – Holds up to 1,000,000 credits.
Rating 2 Fake Sin – For Sean Connery.
Rating 2 Fake Liscense – For Sean Connery, Driver’s Liscense; possibly need more for fake jobs.
Rating 6 Key Lock x2 – Front and rear of appartment.
Rating 6 Key Lock x3 – Front driver, front passenger, and rear doors on van.
Facility or Workshop- Might be required for crafting, might come with the building.
At least 3 Tool Kits – One for Computers, Drones, and Motor Vehicles.
At least 1 Month Middle Lifestyle – 32.5% of normal as per equal shares between 4 people.


Before you stands a dwarf. He is fairly typical for his metatype: 1.2m tall, stout, has a beard, good with mechanical and technical problems, likes to drink, stubborn. He can come off as abrasive, but it is mostly to keep on track with the mission. He wears corrective lenses to help fix his nearsightedness and his ears have ridge clamps at the tops. His hair is a ginger red, his Scottish blood showing through that and his kilts. He tends to wear either a muscle shirt, kilt, and boots with or without his greatcoat, or one of the various costumes he might need as the run requires. What is not so ‘normal’ is his hair, which he keeps in a medium length mohawk. This leaves one of his tattoos visible, a Gaelic cross where his neck meets his skull. Covering his back is one of Scotland’s Raging Lion with the Scotish flag.

Donald was born in Perth, Scotland in December of 2042. Ever since he was young he had shown a good grasp of technology and the Matrix. By 18 he had already started a small hacking group, doing small, harmless jobs for people willing to pay. His main role in the group was organizing the attack and keeping the heat off of them when they had to get out. He also tinkered around with mechanica and would use some of his robots in the aid of the group when needed. It just so happened that on one of these jobs, something horrifying happened that would change his life forever.

The Matrix crashed for the second time.

Donald’s entire team died that night, their consciousnesses ripped out of them, sealed away forever in the dead Matrix. Donald, on the other hand, barely survived, his Dwarven fortitude and his strong mind barely finding its way back. When he woke up, his head was wracked with pain and confusion at the sight of his team dead. As he stumbled about he found that different devices he had would activate, react to his presence being near them. Not in the sense that they picked up his physical form, but that they had recognized that he was an entity like them. As the next days went by he began to realize what he had become: one of the long fabled Technomancers.

Coming to terms with his new powers, Donald eventually moved on. He needed to keep working, keep himself alive. It was unlikely he could find work in the Scotland underground again with his team dead (even though it was obvious they died from the Crash, he was a sole survivor), so he gathered what money he had left. With it, he purchased his first false identity and traveled across the pond, to the UCAS.

Over the next 10 years, Donald worked for various gangs and runners, anything that would pay. Early on was especially fruitful since Technomancers were new, unknown, and there were very little defenses against them outside of standard anti-hacking protocols. He honed his skills at secrecy over these years, focusing on accessing information without notice. Amongst some circles (and possibly some small companies) he had started being referenced to as a sort of ‘ghost in the Matrix’, which he felt justified to solidify by giving his personal avatar the designation of ‘PH4N70M’. He still had a penchant for mechanica and continued to tinker and build. His smaller spy drones would prove useful for gathering ‘offline’ data and eavesdropping, while he also worked up to making combat capable drones, though they have gone through various iterations. And with these skills he made what could be considered a living. Eventually as technology caught up to the condition he decided it was time for another move. Somewhere much less stable, easier to slip in and not cause any ripples: CalFree. So he dropped his old identity, made a new one – Sean Connery – and headed for the west coast.

After Donald did a few jobs, he was confronted by the Nymsilet Family. They had shown an interest after one of his successful runs with one of their lower level runners. They offered him a job, higher paying than what he was getting now, and it would be a job that could garner him attention from the higher ups. He decided to take the offer and worked with the family for 30 years. Because of their strict belief in Elven superiority, he rarely advanced in the hierarchy and never got many benefits besides more pay than what most other runners were getting. It was a life, and he stuck to it.

Recently, Donald was informed of a new mission he would be undertaking. It was with a high priority member of the group, the nephew of Chief Softwind himself, and would be this guy’s electronics and logistics expert. They would get a building to live in that they would share, along with the nephew’s bodyguard and Godrick, an explosive expert he had met a few years before and brought into the Family. Since Donald got a raise and was running a much tighter group, he agreed. And this is where our story begins.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

This is what Donald tells people is his past. And some of it is indeed true, but it is far worse than the story told above.

The truth ends at the Crash 2.0. Donald’s friends did die. He did become a Technomancer. He did not find it out on his own. Instead, it was a corporation that discovered it. When the Matrix crashed, a company was contracted with the clean up. And when they stumbled upon Donald and the other Technomancers, they decided they wanted to find out what caused their creation, to figure out what they were. Over the next 8 months, unknown to the outside world, thousands of Technomancers from the United Kingdom were poked, prodded, shocked, and thoroughly examined for just how and what these abilities were.

If it wasn’t for an elf named Herman Watching Spider, Donald wouldn’t have made it though the terrible ordeal. While Donald’s body could handle all the tests and probes they used, his mind was never able to calm and reset after the major fracture caused by the death of his friends, the pain from the cerebral probes intensifying it. Spider was the opposite; he had lived long and was used to these kinds of tortures (though the being a Technomancer was a new thing for him), his body couldn’t handle much of the stress that was put upon it. This gave a sort of mutual benefit to the both of them: Donald would care for and help Spider, making sure he would live to see the outside again, while the act of caring for another person and Spider’s stories helped to keep Donald’s mind off the torture. Spider told Donald that he was part of a mafia and that they would be doing all they could to him out of here once they find him, which continued to keep Donald going from day to day with the promise of release.

After eight months of this, the Nymsilets assaulted the complex. It was a bit out of their usual modus operandi, especially with it being across the Atlantic, but Spider was a good enough of an asset to require retrieving. The building was mostly destroyed, the subjects left to spread and restart their lives anew. Spider felt he owed Donald at least a bit of help, and put in a good word for him with the family, so they gave him an ultimatum: go your own way, or work for us. Seeing as he had nowhere to go anyway, he took their offer.

Donald moved out to CalFree and began working as a hacker/rigger for the family. For the next 25 years he tried as best he could to get those memories out of his head, mostly through finding the bottom of a bottle of vodka or whiskey. The scars that were left across his body he despised, so he covered them in tattoos vaguely related to his heritage, the default reply being he’s religious or proud of his heritage when asked about them. He did his job well enough: stealing information, spying, offsite fire support with drones, etc. He got paid, a place to live, and even a bit of notice for doing his job well.

But as time goes on, wounds heal and scar, and the scar was finally setting in. Donald was starting to turn from wishing it never happened to wanting revenge. He began to regret his stupid act of trying to drown his memories in booze as it had done its job rather well. There were bits and pieces that he could piece together, but it wasn’t much. With the help of some of the family’s resources, he was able to find some small bits of information about the company that did this to him.

And so Donald’s story of revenge begins as Adrian’s story of crime does. He figures being situated to work with him is good, in the end he can use a good gun to help take down the company that ruined his life. Donald will continue to find out as much about his past as he can, piece the puzzle together, and make sure he gives the guys who ruined his life what-for. He has kept this all to himself. He doesn’t want to have anyone interfering with his plans. But if things go well enough with this group, he might just open up a bit. But that is to be seen in the future.

Donald Macalister

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