Adrian Green

An average Joe until you put a pistol in his hand.


Real Name: To be written by Wayland.
Everyday Name: Adrian Green
Fake SIN: Seth Mason
Age: 19

Runner Alias: Puma of SanFran

BP 420/420

Attributes (200); Special Att (40)

Body 1 → 3
Agility 1 → 5
React 1 → 3
Str 1 → 5
Cha 1 → 3
Intuit 1 → 5
Logic 1 → 3
Will 1 → 1

Edge 6; Essence 6; Initiative 8; Composure 4

Light Track: 11
Critical Track: 10

Active Skills (184; 1 skill free)

Athletics 1: Climbing 1, Gymnastics (melee) 3, Swimming 1
Stealth 3: Concealment (Urban) 3, Legerdemain (Pick Pocket) 3, Shadowing (Stakeout) 3
Infiltration 1: Architecture 1, Locksmith (subvert) 1, Security (bypass) 3

Unarmed Combat (Martial Arts) 3
Pistols (Semi-Automatic) 7
Throwing Weapons (Lobbed) 1
Chemistry (Plastic) 3
Deception (Acting) 3
Perception (Visual) 3
Insight (Deceit) 3

Knowledge/language Skills (2; 16/16 free)

Chinese (CalFree) 1
English (CalFree) 4 (Free)
Jap (CalFree) 1
Physics (Explosives) 3
Sociology (Behavior) 2
Sperethiel (CalFree) 3
Tinoan 1

Gear (5)

Browning Ultra-Power Pack

5P/-1AP, Semi-Auto, RC —, Ammo 10c

Comes with top mounted laser sight, a silencer, stock, and extra clip.

Range: 2/10/20/30

2x Flash-Bang, 4x Smoke, 2x Thermal Smoke, 2x High Explosive Grenades, 2x Flash Grenade, 5x Ammo (10 shots), 4x gel rounds (10 shots), 2x Pepper Punch Gas Grenade, Colt America L36, Hardliner Gloves, Ceramic Knife

Shadowrunner’s Coat

Ballistic 6; Impact 4

Grants -2 concealment for stowed items and Fire Resistance 5.

Adrian’s Synergist Business Line

Ballistic 5; Impact 3

Comes with concealed holster. Benefits: Biofiber, Biofabric, Chemical Protection 5, Fire Resistance 5, Insulation 5, Nonconductivity 5, Thermal Dampening 5, and Shock Frills.

Adrian’s Commlink

Novatech Airwave 3/3; OS Novatech Navi 3/4

Environmental Resistance (Heat, Chemical, Electric), Hardening 5, Skinlink, Subvocal Microphone, detatchable Earbuds with Audio Enhance 3 + Spacial Recognizer + mic, Datasoft 6, and Mapsoft 6.

Dummy Commlink

Meta Link 1/2; OS Vector Xim 1/1

Echo Glasses

Comes with Image Link and Ultrasound Vision

Adrian’s Contact Lense

Clear contact lenses with Flare Compensation and Vision Enhancement 3

Button Mic

Microsensor omni-directional microphone made to go with Adrian’s Synergist Business Line. Detachable.

Signal 2

Adrian’s Glasses

Comes with Image Link, Vision Magnification, and Thermographic Vision

2x Button Camera

Microsensor camera made to go with Adrian’s Synergist Business Line.

Signal 2

Data Chip, Electronic Paper, Fake License (rating 3), Fake Sin (rating 3), Certified Credstick (standard), Full Face Mask, Periscope, Autopicker 2, Lifestyle: Middle (w/ Donald, Godric, and Hedara)

Contacts (5)

Mirthful Boar C1 L4

A kind, elderly Tinoan shaman living in the ruins of San Fran. Robin was met during Adrian’s tumultuous childhood. With Boar’s wisdom, Adrian turned his life around in a big way. Since then, Adrian has respected Boar, often seeking the shaman’s spiritual and professional advice. When Adrian has too little information, he will consult Mirthful Boar for clues. Mirthful Boar refers to Adrian as “Gliding Cat”, Donald as “Watchful Bat”, Zacharias/Nilin as “Rutheful Hayena”, Hedara as “Soaring Horse”, and Godric as “Tumbling Arrow”.


Donald Macalister

Fellow Shadowrunner, roommate, and foil to Adrian’s wildcard daring. Donald dislikes the amount of trust he perceives Softwind has in Adrian. Tentative trust.

Father Zacharias

The priest persona is unaware of Adrian’s involvement with Shadowrunning. Nihil knows of Adrian’s upbringing and past. They meet peripherally during Softwind’s pool games. Strictly professional relationship.

Godric MKVII

Fellow Shadowrunner, explosives mentor, and roommate. Godric likes using Adrian as a quality tester. Somewhat trusting.

Hedara Noir

Fellow Shadowrunner, childhood buddies, and roommate. Extremely good at playing off of Adrian in displays of mutual dislike, preventing Hedara from being ostracized from the organization’s members. Mutual trust.

Qualities (-20)

Positive: Apt Pistols
Negative: Enemy 3, Combat Monster, Addiction (mild)

Other (4)

Watchful Guard (Karate)
Blind Fighting (Karate)


Adrian was born a human child of a mafia boss in the middle of Tir Tairngire. Before the age of 1 his father sent him in secrecy to SanFran, where Adrian was raised by his uncle’s more open-minded friends. At the age of 7, Adrian was thrown into a life filled with gang wars and Mafia politics. The route to survival in a world hostile to his meta-type was clear to Adrian: become a weapon for the family or die like a dog on the streets. Become useful, escape hostility from one organization in SanFran, and reap the benefits; Adrian’s mind was set. Adrian’s uncle saw to his training personally and, at the age of 19, he is accepted into the Nymsilet Shadowrunners.

Our story starts the moment Adrian becomes a Shadowrunner, and the shadows are eager to show that survival isn’t everything.

Adrian Green

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