Nymsilet Shadowrunners


Hey All,

I’ve finally started working on equipment rules and immediately ran into problems with the mechanics of weapons in combat. Yay!

Major Updates

  1. The Weapons section has finalized rules for reach, range increments, and recoil.
         Reach : Has the same functionality as before, except RAW never stated anything about spaces or physical distance of your reach. Now, for every 3 points of reach you have, you may target melee attacks up to one additional space further away from you at no penalty. I’ve also introduced “hafted” weapons, which are designed to attack non-adjacent targets. Using a hafted weapon against an adjacent target reduces the weapon’s reach by 3 (minimum 0).
         Range Increments :For simplicity sake regarding a lot of other rules, each range increment increases your attack threshold by 1 instead of a -1 dice penalty.
         Recoil : Each weapon has its own recoil rate which determines the cumulative penalty you accrue per shot fired. At the start of your turn each initiative pass, your total recoil penalty decreases by 1. If you don’t fire a weapon for a whole pass, your recoil penalty with that weapon is reset to 0.
  2. The rules for gun modes, shooting in bursts, and choke settings have been merged into the Gun Modes page. BF and FA modes are different only in which types of bursts they can fire and what action is needed for them. Bursts always target an area: either a line or a cone. Any weapon with a choke setting also always fires in a line or cone area effect, which may overlap the burst setting depending on the weapon. Choke settings also offer more reasonable modifiers.
  3. The Ammunition page has been updated to streamline loading codes and clarify rules regarding ammo and container usage for ranged weapons.

Cleaned Up

  1. The Combat Actions and Movement Actions pages have been cleaned up, revised where needed for new rules, and are finalized.
  2. The Suppressive Fire section has been cleaned up and modified to suit the new recoil and range increment rules. Some poor wording and conflicting rules were also cleaned out.
  3. Of the four ranged weapon pages with any information on them, the tables have been updated to support the new recoil rules. However, they have not been re-priced to reflect high recoil rates.

I’ll continue with the weapons and equipment in the meantime. I’m working out how crafting and improvised tools will work, but I haven’t committed to anything yet. They should be part of the next update batch, however.

Bis dann,
The Waylander



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